Rent Our Space

Host your event in our unique space!

Located Bay Street, Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery is available for private, corporate, and charity events.
If interested, please view details below and contact us for availability.

Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery is available for rentals 8am – 10pm (Exceptions will be considered) The gallery space is approximately 900 square feet.
During event art exhibition well be left intact for the event.

$200 for 1/2 Day events (4-5 hours) + $200 Refundable Safety Deposit. Total=$400
$400 for full Day event + $200 Refundable Safety Deposit . Total=$600
Full payment is due one week before the event.

Event host and planners must clean up all tables, food and any other material that was brought by the event staff.
If you are unable to clean up after the event, you can take advantage of our cleaning service for the small fee of $70.
All rented items must leave the gallery the same night or early the next morning.

There can be nothing hung, nails or taped to the walls or windows at Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery.
A gallery representative must approve all publicity concerning Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery.
Smoking is not permitted inside the gallery.
No glitter or confetti is allowed inside the gallery.
In the event of any damages occurring to any artwork or to the physical condition of any and all public space with Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery itself, the renter will be held solely responsible and will be billed accordingly.

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