Artist Block

Abstract Paintings by June Collie

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, singer, photographer, or another type of artist – there are going to be days where you find it excruciatingly difficult to create something.
It’s called “Artist’s Block.” And it sucks!
To help with my’ artist block,’ I usually create artwork that’s entirely out of my style and experiment for a bit.
As artists, we often feel the need to constantly be creative and feel guilty when we aren’t creating. Rather than powering through one creative project, go and work on something else creative.

I find that stepping away to focus on something else creative can help me see a project more clearly when I come back to it.

By switching up your task, you’re still exercising your brain to think differently while simultaneously giving it a break. I’ve experienced that when I stop thinking about one creative task and focus on one of the many other projects I’ve got going on, I find my breakthrough.

Sitting down to create a masterpiece can be intimidating.
Having an artist block can be frustrating. Creating and having the desire to create shouldn’t be something that stresses you out—quite the opposite. I hope after reading this, you’ve got some ideas for how you can mitigate and manage your artist block when it comes your way.
From one artist to another – you’ve got this!

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