A group art exhibition Artist – Jalan Harris, Javon Nixon, Justin Moultrie On Friday, August 6, 2021, Sixty 2 Sixty Gallery hosted an art exhibit featuring artists Jalan Harris, Javon Nixon and Justin Moultrie. The trio produced self-portraits along with portraits of each other ranging from realism to dreamy and surreal. “It was a reflectionContinue reading “Self:I-valuation”


Artist – Deime Ubani Deimé Ubani (b. 1988, she/her) is an abstract artist and entrepreneur born in Nassau, Bahamas. Being of Bahamian, Barbadian and Nigerian descent, her art is primarily influenced by her vibrant heritage with an interest in capturing personal memories, generational legacy and her colorful culture.Raised by a lineage of creatives, Deimé’s interestContinue reading “‘BEER FOR BREAKFAST’ ART EXHIBIT”


ARTIST: ASHLEY COOPER DEAR DIARY, DURING THE PANDEMIC, I… Bearing witness to someone else’s pain and emotional spiral can cause us to consider our own potential pitfalls. Whether big or small, witnessing the pitfalls of others often challenges us to make better choices to prevent ourselves from spiralling. Living through life’s highs and lows canContinue reading “DEAR DIARY, DURING THE PANDEMIC, I…”