Sitting just outside of what is considered the Caribbean affords us the privilege of having a bit of this and a bit of that. Having a diverse mixture of genealogy, delicacies, and unique speech patterns influenced by the west indies and the Americas, ‘Dis and Dat’ is a common saying amongst black and Caribbean heritage. These factors also play a huge role in the many styles of Bahamian art being produced today. Bahamian art is no longer only paintings of clapboard houses and poinciana trees in full bloom but that of the expression of living within this colorful ecosystem. This show will showcase the art of traditional styles intertwined with expressionism and abstract pieces while touching on the broad spectrum of themes experienced by the four exhibiting artists.

‘DIS N’ DAT’ exhibiting artists include Charlton Strachan, Deimé Ubani, Preston Hanna, and Elkino Dames. Each artist represents a different style, technique, and medium in this collective body of work.
For more information about this exhibit, send us a message here or email us at sixty2sixtyartgallery@gmail.com

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