Beauty & Art of Sloop Sailing

Solo Exhibit by Montez Kerr

Frame – $500
Prints – $200

“At heart, I am a storyteller and a visual artist armed with a camera and a lens. I first developed a love for photography as a young boy at my father’s side. It was here that I came to understand the power of photographic images. Its the ability to be thought-provoking, to bring inspiration, and to challenge our concept of reality. I desire to impact and inspire the viewers of my work. Encourage them to look beyond what they may see in their everyday lives. For me, life is a journey through my lens.”

Montez Kerr has been working on this body of work for over five overs. These photographs are a tribute to the beauty and art of Sloop Sailing in The Bahamas. Sloop Sailing was born from the history of transferring people and cargo between the family islands. He feels that sloop sailing is a huge part of Bahamian pride and a great way to celebrate Bahamian culture. Kerr’s photographs have captured all of this: majestic boats on the open seas, the passion, and ability of the men and women who lend their skills to win the race.

If you would like to purchase Montez Kerr’s work
Call 1 242 814 2872
Email –

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