Imagine having wings and not ever taking flight?

We, as human beings, have the potential to do amazing things and impact the world with our talents and gifts. However, most of us never live up to our full potential; due to fears and anxieties. The purpose behind this show is to invoke and remind viewers of their untapped powers. Why? I was once dormant and lost in the feeling of giving up and not following my dreams.

At one point, I had forgotten I had wings. I forgot how to take flight above my adversities. I forgot the fortitude of my vicissitudes. Then, one morning a beautiful blackbird with golden-like streaks on his body flew past me, and I heard the words “Why not fly ?”

Elkino Dames Artist Bio

Elkino’s artistic pursuits began in 1994 when he won an Anti-Drug Poster competition put on by the US Customs Department. He began to take his Artistic Career seriously when he enrolled at the College of the Bahamas, acquiring an Associate’s Degree in Art and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education.
The Ministry of Education has employed him for the past 14 with postings at L.W. Young and Huntley Christie in North Andros, respectively.

Elkino has also been privileged to teach at both the Finco Art Workshop and the National Art Gallery Mix Media Camps during his summer breaks.

His unwavering passion for art drives him constantly to recognize and motivate his students to do their best. He has even organized art exhibitions to showcase their creative talent.

Elkino’s art pieces have been admired and sought after by the D’aguilar Art Foundation, Dawn Davies, and other notable collectors. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and exhibitions, including The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, D’Aguilar Art Foundation, Hillside House, Transforming Spaces, and the Doongalik Studios.
Elkino Dames has created many artworks, including drawings, paintings, mixed media pieces, and sculptures. He has completed several mural projects, and he is excited about the prospect of producing even more quality works of art in the not-so-distant future.

To purchase any of Elkino Dames Art you can email us at sixty2sixtyartgallery@gmail.com, call us at 1(242)8142872 or visit us at Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery.

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