Colored Bahamas

Online Exhibit by Artist Kenel Augustin

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Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Kenel Augustin is a young multi-talented artist. Over the years, Mr. Augustin has competed in several art competitions, the Central Bank of the Bahamas being the major one of them wherein the year of 2011 he was awarded first place and in, 2012 second place and 2013 third place during that time he graduated out of high school. He participated in various charitable events and art exhibitions. They would include the Salus Project, empty bowl, and others. Mr. Augustin’s artwork is very expressive with color and shape.

My art is my voice, a powerful interpretation of my deepest thoughts, hidden emotions, and ideas. The images I create are from experience and a need to connect to the world in my language as an artist, I work hard to develop my skill and love for art, which speaks both to me and others about the beauty of my envelopment in it. My primary aim in making portraits is to showcase a living being without creating a hyper-realistic piece.

Listen in as Kenel speaks about his work.

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