Beauty & Art of Sloop Sailing

Solo Exhibit by Montez Kerr

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“At heart, I am a storyteller and a visual artist armed with a camera and a lens. I first developed a love for photography as a young boy at my father’s side. It was here that I came to understand the power of photographic images. Its the ability to be thought-provoking, to bring inspiration, and to challenge our concept of reality. I desire to impact and inspire the viewers of my work. Encourage them to look beyond what they may see in their everyday lives. For me, life is a journey through my lens.”

Montez Kerr has been working on this body of work for over five overs. These photographs are a tribute to the beauty and art of Sloop Sailing in The Bahamas. Sloop Sailing was born from the history of transferring people and cargo between the family islands. He feels that sloop sailing is a huge part of Bahamian pride and a great way to celebrate Bahamian culture. Kerr’s photographs have captured all of this: majestic boats on the open seas, the passion, and ability of the men and women who lend their skills to win the race.

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Sitting just outside of what is considered the Caribbean affords us the privilege of having a bit of this and a bit of that. Having a diverse mixture of genealogy, delicacies, and unique speech patterns influenced by the west indies and the Americas, ‘Dis and Dat’ is a common saying amongst black and Caribbean heritage. These factors also play a huge role in the many styles of Bahamian art being produced today. Bahamian art is no longer only paintings of clapboard houses and poinciana trees in full bloom but that of the expression of living within this colorful ecosystem. This show will showcase the art of traditional styles intertwined with expressionism and abstract pieces while touching on the broad spectrum of themes experienced by the four exhibiting artists.

‘DIS N’ DAT’ exhibiting artists include Charlton Strachan, Deimé Ubani, Preston Hanna, and Elkino Dames. Each artist represents a different style, technique, and medium in this collective body of work.
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Art by


Opening Night

Artist Interview

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“Fluid art is an amazing use of paints thinned and applied to canvas using an array of fun and unique technique and the most interesting set of tools. As a self-taught artist, I don’t have the structure or guidance provided by a top art school. What I do have is the freedom to learn how I please. Which gives me a degree of discipline. Most of all, I’m passionate about my art and know that consistency is key.”

– Vanessa Hudson

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Imagine having wings and not ever taking flight?

We, as human beings, have the potential to do amazing things and impact the world with our talents and gifts. However, most of us never live up to our full potential; due to fears and anxieties. The purpose behind this show is to invoke and remind viewers of their untapped powers. Why? I was once dormant and lost in the feeling of giving up and not following my dreams.

At one point, I had forgotten I had wings. I forgot how to take flight above my adversities. I forgot the fortitude of my vicissitudes. Then, one morning a beautiful blackbird with golden-like streaks on his body flew past me, and I heard the words “Why not fly ?”

Elkino Dames Artist Bio

Elkino’s artistic pursuits began in 1994 when he won an Anti-Drug Poster competition put on by the US Customs Department. He began to take his Artistic Career seriously when he enrolled at the College of the Bahamas, acquiring an Associate’s Degree in Art and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education.
The Ministry of Education has employed him for the past 14 with postings at L.W. Young and Huntley Christie in North Andros, respectively.

Elkino has also been privileged to teach at both the Finco Art Workshop and the National Art Gallery Mix Media Camps during his summer breaks.

His unwavering passion for art drives him constantly to recognize and motivate his students to do their best. He has even organized art exhibitions to showcase their creative talent.

Elkino’s art pieces have been admired and sought after by the D’aguilar Art Foundation, Dawn Davies, and other notable collectors. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and exhibitions, including The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, D’Aguilar Art Foundation, Hillside House, Transforming Spaces, and the Doongalik Studios.
Elkino Dames has created many artworks, including drawings, paintings, mixed media pieces, and sculptures. He has completed several mural projects, and he is excited about the prospect of producing even more quality works of art in the not-so-distant future.

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Colored Bahamas

Online Exhibit by Artist Kenel Augustin

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Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Kenel Augustin is a young multi-talented artist. Over the years, Mr. Augustin has competed in several art competitions, the Central Bank of the Bahamas being the major one of them wherein the year of 2011 he was awarded first place and in, 2012 second place and 2013 third place during that time he graduated out of high school. He participated in various charitable events and art exhibitions. They would include the Salus Project, empty bowl, and others. Mr. Augustin’s artwork is very expressive with color and shape.

My art is my voice, a powerful interpretation of my deepest thoughts, hidden emotions, and ideas. The images I create are from experience and a need to connect to the world in my language as an artist, I work hard to develop my skill and love for art, which speaks both to me and others about the beauty of my envelopment in it. My primary aim in making portraits is to showcase a living being without creating a hyper-realistic piece.

Listen in as Kenel speaks about his work.

Artist Block

Abstract Paintings by June Collie

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, singer, photographer, or another type of artist – there are going to be days where you find it excruciatingly difficult to create something.
It’s called “Artist’s Block.” And it sucks!
To help with my’ artist block,’ I usually create artwork that’s entirely out of my style and experiment for a bit.
As artists, we often feel the need to constantly be creative and feel guilty when we aren’t creating. Rather than powering through one creative project, go and work on something else creative.

I find that stepping away to focus on something else creative can help me see a project more clearly when I come back to it.

By switching up your task, you’re still exercising your brain to think differently while simultaneously giving it a break. I’ve experienced that when I stop thinking about one creative task and focus on one of the many other projects I’ve got going on, I find my breakthrough.

Sitting down to create a masterpiece can be intimidating.
Having an artist block can be frustrating. Creating and having the desire to create shouldn’t be something that stresses you out—quite the opposite. I hope after reading this, you’ve got some ideas for how you can mitigate and manage your artist block when it comes your way.
From one artist to another – you’ve got this!


A group art exhibition
Artist – Jalan Harris, Javon Nixon, Justin Moultrie

On Friday, August 6, 2021, Sixty 2 Sixty Gallery hosted an art exhibit featuring artists Jalan Harris, Javon Nixon and Justin Moultrie. The trio produced self-portraits along with portraits of each other ranging from realism to dreamy and surreal.

“It was a reflection of our subconscious…the way we view each other which inevitably shows us how we view ourselves.”

Jalan Harris

Though each art style is distinct, the artists often fed off each other’s drive to insinuate a deep connection between the three.

“We have pretty reserved personalities. We often empathized with each other’s frustration during the show’s inception but kept it really light-hearted. It was overall a positive experience.”

Jalan Harris

“The show gave me a reason to show my artistic craft. It gave me a reason to examine myself, but also in contrast to my peers. Through minimalism, I tried to understand what is ‘enough’ to get an idea across. The show gave me a reason to express my true voice. My process is intricately related to the artists I work with. It gave me a perspective on self. ”

Javon Nixon

“I wanted the works to be colorful yet simple. The backgrounds were my focal point, which would gradually pull the viewer into the actual portraits. My aim was to challenge the aesthetic of the typical portrait. We worked within a short space of time. I wanted to tap into what it would mean to look at a reflection of yourself.

Justin Moultrie

The show is up until September 6, 2021 at Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery on Bay Street and Victoria Avenue. Gallery hours 11a.m.-5p.m., Monday through Saturday.


Artist – Deime Ubani

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Deimé Ubani (b. 1988, she/her) is an abstract artist and entrepreneur born in Nassau, Bahamas. Being of Bahamian, Barbadian and Nigerian descent, her art is primarily influenced by her vibrant heritage with an interest in capturing personal memories, generational legacy and her colorful culture.
Raised by a lineage of creatives, Deimé’s interest in the arts was encouraged by close family members. Her grandmother, being a beautician by trade, was also a ceramist who enjoyed knitting large quilts for family members. Her grandmother’s walls were decorated with past generations of artwork in varying forms. From her early years, Deimé would be drawn to abstract art – discovering how colours could be used to evoke specific feelings and emotions.
After completing high school, Deimé attended The College of The Bahamas (now The University of The Bahamas), obtaining an Associates degree in Art in 2009. It was then when she began to delve more into abstraction through her business Ubani Artworks. Her practice often involves acrylic, oil paint and collaging – prioritising balance in her use of color, textures and shapes. Deimé also adds functional art to her resume through her home decor brand Big Wood Bahamas. Thus far, Deimé’s work has been featured by The D’Aguilar Art Foundation, The Central Bank of The Bahamas, The Salus Project, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas and the SeeMe Art Takes Times Square art show (2013). In 2014, her art pieces were selected for the interior design of Baha Mar Resorts. Deimé still resides in her hometown, Nassau, where she constantly draws inspiration from past and present.
Her work can be accessed via Ubani Artworks on social media or



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Bearing witness to someone else’s pain and emotional spiral can cause us to consider our own potential pitfalls. Whether big or small, witnessing the pitfalls of others often challenges us to make better choices to prevent ourselves from spiralling. Living through life’s highs and lows can feel like a roller coaster ride. What remains constant is the importance of remembering to continue moving forward, working towards goals, and chasing fulfilment. 

Many may argue that this chase is easier said than done, but I have come to find in those moments of downward spiral, there is a pivot, and during this, you can either decide to work harder or release the goal. I have never given up, but I recognise that breaks are essential to recharge and gain balance to tackle the bad that comes with the good on the journey to achieving what you most want. 

Being a student of both psychology and art has influenced my creative approach for my first solo exhibition Shades of Blue, and has brought me to this moment in time, where I now formally introduce this new body of work. Dear Diary, During the Pandemic, I… is a manifestation of this reckoning. During the pandemic, I’ve observed people fall into depression, take up new practices, learn more about religion and spirituality, start new businesses, and become different individuals all around. Using acrylic and metallic acrylic paint, this collection was inspired by personal journal entries in 2020 – an era that made or broke people, demanded change, and taught many of us to seek balance amidst the chaos. 

From this exhibition, I hope viewers are inspired to continue moving forward, conceptualizing, and creating work that someone in the world can resonate with.


Ashley Cooper (b.1992) is a mixed media artist born and based in Nassau, Bahamas. Having studied Psychology and Fine Art, Cooper’s artwork aims to evoke strong feelings that create deep, meaningful connections between the artist and viewer. Using acrylic, charcoal, patterns and found objects, her themes highlight the beauty of humanity, and our connection with the natural world. By exploring the human experience, Cooper’s pieces aim to inspire the individual towards inner growth and self-actualisation. 

At an early age, Cooper realised her love for mixed media in second grade. While studying at St. Anne’s School, she played with puppet-making, colouring, and drawing. Her practice gradually developed into her own experimentations of collage using natural found objects like sea glass, coconut bark, wood, string and plants. Presently, Cooper combines her early skills of drawing and collaging with newer mediums, such as acrylic paint, to create her own unique style in mixed media. 

Cooper is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in psychology and Art at The University of The Bahamas. In addition, she has interned at Popop Studios and Retail Residency at Baha Mar. So far, her works have been exhibited at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, Hillside House, The Current at Baha Mar, Popop Studios, Traveller’s Rest, The Central Bank Art Gallery of The Bahamas, and The University of The Bahamas. 

Dear Diary, During the Pandemic, I…, Cooper’s second solo show, will take place on June 10th, 2021 at Sixty2Sixty Art Gallery, 5pm to 8pm EST.








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